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Tzofim Tzabar

About Tzofim Tzabar chapters

Tzofim Tzabar, a program run by the Friends of the Israel Scouts, Inc., Tzofim, is a youth movement for Israeli, Hebrew speaking children in North America. The youth led movement has operated 27 ‘Shvatim’ (chapters) since the late 1970’s.

Weekly activities are planned and executed by high school children leading kids grades 3-9, all held in Hebrew.


Tzofim Tzabar is part of the world scout’s movement through the Israeli scouts. Every year Alumni of the Israeli movement are sent to North America as Chapter Leaders to lead these activities, with over 4500 youth taking part every week. 


Tzofim Tzabar is a Zionist Youth movement that encourages its participants to explore different opportunities to take a meaningful part in the Israeli society through our different programs, such as Shnat Sherut (year of service), Mechina (Gap Year program) and Garin Tzabar IDF service.


The program is funded by the local communities and annual dues.

The Hebrew Scouts of Israel Website:

Mission Statement - Hanhagat Tzabar

Tzofim Tzabar is a Zionist youth movement, whose mission is to operate and develop educational programs and values, in which children and young adults – members of the Israeli community in North America – will engage in a variety of social and educational Zionist experiences, which will help them build knowledge of and love for the Land of Israel.


The Youth Movement is an integral part of the Israel Scouts and the Friends of Israel Scouts in North America, and thus we act in accordance with the visions, goals, and guiding principles of both organizations.


Tzofim Tzabar encourages its participants to engage in activities that enhance their community and society. We aim to play a significant role in shaping the character and quality of Israeli society through programs and volunteer services that lead to maximum realization of participants’ talents and their ability to contribute to Israeli society through service and communal partnership.

Overall Goals - Hanhagat Tzabar

  1. Formation and development of a Jewish, Israeli, and Zionist identity.

  2. Creation of a meaningful connection to the State of Israel.

  3. The Tzabar Shvatim (chapters) will be Israeli community centers, while maintaining the Israeli identity with an emphasis on Hebrew language.

  4. Hanhagat Tzabar will achieve its objective of being an Israel Scouts Movement.

  5. Hanhagat Tzabar will act according to the organization’s values, educating youth leadership and training them to achieve independence, personal, and social responsibility.

  6. Creation of an educational arena for graduating members to deal with the question of returning to Israel.

  7. Opening and strengthening the connection between the Israeli community and the Jewish community.

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