About Tzofim Poland Delegation

The Tzofim Poland delegation is a long-standing tradition in which dozens of Tzofim are privileged to participate every year. Participants in the delegation experience a meaningful once-in-a-lifetime experience as both members of the Tzofim and as Jewish Israelis. The 11th-12th grade participants in Hanhagat Tzabar also have the right and opportunity to participate in this amazing project.


The Tzofim delegation will take place this upcoming summer from August 1-7, 2022, on a 7-day trip to Poland.

The trip includes more than 300 Tzofim participants from Israel, the United States, and Western Europe. The trip involves mixed groups of Tzofim, allowing participants to meet Tzofim from other Shvatim, regions, and countries. The trip is conducted in Hebrew by professionally trained Poland guides and social guides.


For participants with basic to good level Hebrew but who do not “think in Hebrew” there is an option to participate in the trip in English, so they will be able to get the most out of the experience. Every participant in Hanhagat Tzabar who joins the Poland Delegation will receive a trip diary translated into English.


What is unique about the Tzofim Poland Delegation?


  • Belonging to a Tzofim delegation, embarking on a journey in the Tzofim uniform, and getting to know the work of Jewish youth movements during the Holocaust creates a special experience that evokes feelings of belonging and identification, and contributes to the formation of the participants’ identities.

  • The division into mixed groups consisting of participants from different Shvatim, regions, and even different countries allows participants the mutually-beneficial opportunity to get to know each other and gain exposure to diverse opinions and points of view, encouraging patience and acceptance of differences. In addition, the groups serve as a support system for the emotional experiences the participants will undergo during their journey.

  • The significant preparation process before the trip allows for learning, emotional and personal processing, and readiness for the experience. The preparation process includes: a personal interview, a preparation seminar in the US, a preparation seminar in Israel, and a summarizing day after returning to Israel.

  • A meaningful learning experience through instruction in an approach that advocates for active learning of new knowledge and its meaning, reflection, and personal empowerment while placing the participant at the center of the learning process.

  • The educational guidance and accompaniment during the journey combine the professional development and social-emotional elements. The guidance and instruction of every group is carried out by a professional Holocaust education guide and two Tzofim madrichim, who provide the social and group dynamic framework for the participants.

  • The journey creates a unique framework that allows Hanhagat Tzabar participants to engage in a discourse about their Jewish-Israeli identity through the lens of European Jewish history, and of their personal families, together with their Israel-based Tzofim peers.

  • The Tzofim Poland Delegation is approved by the Israeli Ministry of Education.




After registering, there will be personal interviews with the Poland Delegation director, who will examine the potential participant’s suitability for the delegation. The interviews will be conducted during the Shachbag camps on the east and west coasts. Answers will be received on April 20th.


Payment for the Poland Delegation will be made only after receiving a positive answer from the interview.


Please note – embarking on the Poland Delegation requires participation in the entire process.