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Ronald Urman

President of the board of directors

Ronny was born in Montreal, Canada, raised in the United States and Israel, and for the past 13 years, has made Phoenix, Arizona his home. No matter where he is, Ronny’s passion is connecting people and building communities. It is that passion for building a community that has brought many to work with Ronny as a leader in commercial real estate and as a leader in civic organizations, both locally and globally. As founder and CEO of Urman Investments which invests, develops, and manages commercial real estate, Ronny shares his deep passion for community and his strong drive for excellence with other businesses and nonprofit organizations.


Having a deep appreciation for diverse cultures, Israel, and the Judaic value of L'Dor V'Dor, he co-founded the Arizona Chapter of the Israeli Scouts with his wife Sigal. Ronny has a deep commitment to helping others through his philanthropy and volunteer work with many organizations in Arizona and Israel. Grateful for the opportunities others have provided throughout his life, Ronny strives to pave the way for those who follow to create a bright future from generation to generation. These are values he hopes to pass onto his children.

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