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Meet Amit

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Amit Bar Natan

Machane B'Yachad

Amit is pumped for his fifth summer at camp! 

New York City born, Amit made Aliya to Israel with his family in his childhood. 

Growing up in Modiin, Israel, Amit was a committed member of Shevet Yuval - the local Israeli scouts chapter.


Post High School Amit attended the Young Judaea Year Course Garin Atid Shnat Sherut (volunteering gap year). Through the program, Amit joined the Tzofim summer delegation to Camp Judaea, NC as the head of the scouting program at camp.

Amit served in the IDF in a classified unit as a commander and officer. 

When returned to New York City, Amit worked for three years as the Education Program Director of Shevet Tapuach (Israeli scouts of NYC). This is also his third year working as an elementary school teacher at The Abraham Joshua Heschel School. Graduating from the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute, Amit is a working Actor performing in NYC theater productions and several TV shows. 

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