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Meet Neeve


Neeve Sharon

Logistics manager of Tzofim Tzabar

Neeve grew up in Agoura Hills, a town near Los Angeles. Her leadership journey began in the Tzofim community, where she took on the role of Merakezet of Shevet Chen during her senior year of high school. Motivated by this experience, she embarked on a transformative chapter by moving to Israel with Garin Tzabar and joining the IDF, where she served as an infantry instructor. Her responsibilities included guiding soldiers through operating armored vehicles and assuming various leadership roles.

After completing her military service and obtaining a BA in Psychology from Reichman University in Israel, Neeve returned to Los Angeles. There, she became the first Merakezet for Shevet Kfir in Agoura Hills, overseeing the comprehensive planning of the shevet's annual events while also focusing on enhancing the educational and counseling capabilities of the participants. Simultaneously, she provided guidance for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Deeply inspired by nature, Neeve finds solace and joy in meditation and yoga, holding a certification in yoga instruction. Currently residing in an apartment near the beach with her fiancé, she cherishes their daily walks to the shore, creating a tranquil space that aligns with her appreciation for both inner peace and the beauty of the natural world.

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