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Meet Ariel

Ariel Milo Dudaie

Educational manager of Tzofim Tzabar - West Coast

Ariel grew up in Moshav Netaim, joining the Tzofim in the 8th grade. During her military service she served as a 'morah chayelet' focused on guiding high-risk youth in underprivileged neighborhoods in southern Israel.


After she finished her service she started her professional tenure in the Tzofim fulfilling roles such as merakezet shevet Idan in Israel, merakezet shevet Keshet in St. Louis, as well as, directed German - Tzofim relations heading 10 machanot driving international relationships with the local scouts across Germany.  


Before moving to LA with her husband Yaniv, Ariel earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Work from Sapir College.


In her free time, you can find her exploring the city, going on hikes and baking cakes.

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