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Meet Noa

Noa Ben Shitrit

Noa Ben Shitrit

Educational manager of Tzofim Tzabar - East coast

Noa grew up in Shoham, Israel, and has been in the Tzofim since 4th grade culminating in her time as merakezet shevet. After graduating from high school, Noa was a 'Shnat Sherut' member in Hadera as part of the Tzofim movement before joining the IDF.  

During Her military service, she served as an HR non-commanding officer (a role dedicated to supporting soldiers' welfare) in “Chavat Ha'shomer”, after that, she completed her officers’ course and served as an officer and commander in the officers' course. 

For the past 5 years, she has worked in the Israeli Scouts as an HR administrator.


Before moving to NYC with her husband Gili, Noa finished her MA in social work from Tel Aviv University.

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