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Meet Noa

Noa Bialer.jpeg

Noa Bialer

Educational manager of Tzofim Tzabar - East coast

Noa was raised in Ness Ziona, a small city located 20 minutes south of Tel Aviv. She discovered her passion for exploring new cultures and traveling the world as a child when her family relocated to Seattle, which she then integrated into her career in impact organizations.

She joined the Israeli Scouts once she returned to Israel and did a variety of roles, participating twice in the US summer delegation and a gap year program with Garin 'Atid' (Shnat Sherut from the Scouts). 

Noa served in the army as a Search and Rescue instructor in charge of the instructors course and international training. Afterward, she worked as a business director at a cybersecurity company and studied Creative. At her latest position, Noa was the PA to the CEO of 'Inclu', an organization that leads inclusive education in Israel.


As a hobby, Noa is a yoga and Pilates teacher.

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