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Meet Hani


Hani Reuveni

Director of Chetz V’keshet Summer Program

Introducing Hani, our dedicated Director of CVK (Chetz v'Keshet program) with a wealth of experience and a passion for community engagement. Originally from Israel, she moved to the Philadelphia Suburbs in 2005. Hani has a background in youth movement leadership and volunteering with special needs children. She later graduated from Kadoorie Agricultural High School in Israel, majoring in Theater, Communication, and Marketing.

After serving in the IDF's intelligence unit, Hani relocated to the USA. She began her teaching career in local schools before joining the IAC in 2016 as a Keshet program coordinator. Her dedication led to her promotion as Community Engagement and Keshet Program Manager, overseeing one of the largest Keshet groups in the US. With a strong management background and an A.S. in Criminal Justice from Montco, Hani is a valuable addition to our team and a proud mother of two teenagers. 

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