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Summer Camp in Israel 

Join us in Tzababa- To Register click here

Meet your friends from the Tzofim – in Israel! The program is 9 days, including:

  • A two-day opening seminar where you will stay in a hostel

  • 4 days at a Tzofim summer camp held in one of Israel’s forests

  • 3 days of traveling across Israel, during which you will see a variety of attractions and sleep in comfortable conditions in hostels and campsites


Participants will be divided into mixed groups and throughout the program, they will learn about topics related to the love of Israel, Israeli identity, group dynamics, practical Scouting skills, and guiding skills. Participants will strengthen their knowledge of Israel, deepen their friendships with fellow participants, and for 9 days they will experience the life of the Tzofim in Israel.


Tzababa Bogrim

Grades 9th to 12th 

July 10-19, 2023

  • 10-11- Leadership Seminar

  • 12-15- Machane Kaitz with the Israeli Scouts

  • 16-18- Trip to the Northern part of Israel

  • 19- Closing day

*Students who just completed grades 9th and 12th grade


Tzababa Tzeirim

Grades 7th to 8th 

July 10-15, 2023

  • 10-12 - Trip to the Northern part of Israel

  • 13-15 - Machane Kaitz with the Israeli Scouts 





*Students who just completed grades 7th and 8th grade

* The cost does not include the flights to and from Israel. 

Tzababa cancellation policy

Registration will be closed on - April 16 , 2023.


*Cancellations by April 17 , 2023 - full refund. 

*Cancellations by May 31 , 2023 - 50% refund.

*From June 1 , 2023 - No refunds.


For additional information please contact:

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