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Meet Amir

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Amir Hadar

A lifelong entrepreneur, Amir is a renowned leader who believes in formulating long-lasting relationships and fostering a positive culture in any organization he’s been affiliated with.  With years of experience leading organizations in various sectors, Amir served as the CEO of one of the largest manufacturer-owned hearing-aid chains in world.  In 2014 he founded Hearing Health USA/Belsono, which was eventually sold to a private equity firm.  Amir is an avid real-estate investor and now serves as a board member/US CEO of ‘eye-n-joy’ – an Israeli based start-up in the optical world.

Israeli born and American raised, with a deep sense of philanthropy coupled with a unique passion towards Judaism and the State of Israel, Amir resides in Mendham Twp., NJ with his wife Naama and their 4 Children.

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