Every year, the Tzofim movement in Israel sends about 450 high school alumni to participate in one year of community service. There are numerous tracks that accommodate participants' needs, and each track has its own set of goals and visions. Every track deals with educational missions relevant to the community the participants serve. Participants live and volunteer in an Israeli environment that requires Hebrew fluency.


Shnat Sherut Goals:

  1. The participants will strengthen their Jewish-Israeli identity by living in Israel and performing meaningful volunteer work.

  2. The participants will strengthen and build their own perspective of world values.

  3. The participants will build their social skills by living in an Israeli communal lifestyle.


Tzofim Shnat Sherut is a year-long volunteer program where participants live in communes of five to eight people made up of Tzofim from Israel and abroad, and work in a town on the social periphery or boarding school. Together with Israeli Tzofim alumni, the participants enjoy an amazing experience where they live in Israel, volunteer in the Israeli society, expand their leadership qualities, and strengthen their connection to Israel.


The volunteering work consists of:

  • Working in a local community center

  • Working in a local Tzofim chapter

  • After-school activities

  • Building a close connection with the local youth

  • Integrating with the local staff and volunteering as a social counselor

  • Working in a school as an Assistant Teacher or Student Aide


North American Tzofim shministim who is interested in Shnat Sherut will need to attend two seminars in the United States. The first seminar screens participants, to make sure they are suitable candidates for Shnat Sherut. The main goal of the second seminar is to provide preparatory information, meet fellow program participants, and discuss and become acclimated with Israeli society.


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