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Opening Week

During Opening Week, participants are acclimated to both their new surroundings and new friends. Time is spent in ice-breakers and team building activities to help our participants bond with their new groups. Tours of Jerusalem, the Old City, the Kotel and the City of David all help expose participants to the rich Jewish and Zionist history of the State of Israel. The first Shabbat together is one of song, dancing and good food. On Shabbat, those who choose to can pray, while others use the day to hang out by the pool and relax.


South Week

During South Week, participants experience life in the Israeli desert, swim in the beautiful Red Sea in Eilat, sleep in a Bedouin tent, climb Masada at sunrise, float in the Dead Sea, and ride camels. The group visits Ben Gurion’s grave, where they become inspired by this great man’s vision of the Negev as the future of Israel.


Gadna Week

Gadna Week, a week-long army training program conducted by the IDF, is considered one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of the program. Participants spend four days eating, living and sleeping like a true Israeli soldier as they learn to pitch tents, navigate, and shoot a gun*. Tzofim CVK’s close relationship with the IDF provides participants with the ability to experience Gadna with real IDF mefakdim (commanders).

*Due to IDF security standards, all participants under the age of 15 will be unable to shoot a gun and instead will shoot a paintball gun. Previous participants had a blast with the paintball gun activity!


North Week

During North Week, participants are given the opportunity to relax after the demanding yet rewarding week they had in Gadna. The week starts off with home hospitality by the Israeli peers. When Tzofim CVK reconvenes on Sunday, participants arrive fresh and ready to see what else Israel has to offer. Chanichim are exposed to parts of Israel they have never seen before as they tour Rosh HaNikra, enjoy Druze hospitality, kayak the Jordan River, hike the waterfalls of the beautiful Banias hike, and sleep on the Kineret Beach. The end of North Week features a meaningful group Shabbat in Jerusalem, where participants are able to relax and enjoy time with their new close friends.


Closing Week

At the end of North Week, the program returns to Jerusalem, where participants visit Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial Museum, as well as the Mount Herzl Military Cemetery. Both sites are a moving experience in which participants are reminded of Israel’s past and importance of the State of Israel in Jewish life. Closing week also features time in Tel Aviv, where participants go bike riding along the beautiful Tel Aviv coast, visit Nachalat Binyamin and Rothschild Street, tour Yafo, and take part in a volunteer project. The week concludes with a special “Closing Ceremony” for participants that family and friends are invited to attend.