The Scouts Lone Soldiers Program: Garin Tzabar (Meaning: Israeli native core or seed) is a program for young Diaspora Jews who choose to immigrant to Israel and serve in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). Today there are 300 lone soldiers supported by Garin Tzabar every year. Each one belongs to a group (Garin) of approximately 20 soldiers who live together at a kibbutz and choose to experience their military service together as a social unit mutual support and camaraderie. It is the largest IDF immigrant program in Israel, partnered with the Israel Ministry of Immigrant Absorption, with more than 2,500 soldiers since inception.


During the Preparation Process and upon making Aliyah, Garin Tzabar is split into several tracks based on age, geography, and religious observance. In America for the preparation process, the Garin Dati (Religious Garin) holds Shabbat-observant weekend seminars, and eats only Kosher-certified catered food. (The other Garinim eat Kosher-style food catered by the hotel or camp.) Upon making Aliyah, the Garin Dati goes to a Kibbutz Dati (religious Kibbutz), such as Be'erot Yitzchak, Sa'ad, and Lavi (among others). 


There will be more information updated here in the future. Please contact the Garin Dati Director with further questions.