• Yalla CVK

Surviving Gadna by Makayla

My experience during the Gadna Week was memorable and educational,

both mentally and physically. The week as a whole taught me how to be mentally stronger and to not give up even when things are hard. The exercises we were told to do were individually not very difficult, but with the heat, and doing multiple exercises at one time definitely got hard, but we never stopped. We pushed past the drainage of the week, and made Gadna a good experience. Throughout the course of the week, my group grew stronger because of the teamwork-enforced activities. I believe we also grew stronger as friends because of the time we spent together. We grew unbreakable bonds that I hope will last a very long time, and I have both the Gadna Week and CVK to thank for that. The week we had at the Gadna was very tiring and educating and I am glad I got to experience it.

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