• Yalla CVK

Dead Sea, Masada days through the eyes of Maxwell

On days 5 and 6, we went to the Dead Sea. This was an amazing experience as we all floated around having a great time. It was very cool to be effortlessly floating on the surface of the water with my new friends. Only a few minutes later we were hiking up a forest path to swim in a spring. When we got back to the hostel, there was more fun to be had. There were fantastic games to play.

The next day I went on the best hike I’ve ever had, Masada. The path up was a challenging climb, but seeing the sunrise from the top was well worth it. As we walked atop Masada I learned about the story and how we should keep our Jewish spirit. No one can take it from us. After Masada, we went to a Bedouin tent and had some of the best tea in my life. While we drank, we were taught about Bedouin life and how they came to Israel. Soon after, we left to go camel riding in the desert, the camel ride was awesome. We laughed throughout the whole thing. Next, we went to a farm museum (the Salad trail) near the Gaza Strip. This museum showed people how Israelis made the desert habitable, and Israel uses the weather to its advantage in farming. We got to pick our own fruits and vegetables like cucumbers and cherry tomatoes, an Israeli invention. In the past two days, I had so much fun and I don’t think I’ll ever forget this trip!

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