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Conquering Masada by Daphne

This trip is becoming one of the best experiences of my life. Being exposed and submerged in a different and unique culture has changed my perspective on the way people live. This week was extremely rewarding and fun. I was able to make so many friends in such a short amount of time and I’m glad I can say that I have formed long lasting relationships.

However, we faced many challenges as well throughout our journey. This week we were scheduled to climb Masada. We woke up at 4 in the morning, packed our backpacks, and mentality prepared for the challenged that lied ahead. As I climbed the mountain my heart rate rapidly increased, my breathing became irregular and my muscles ached. I remember catching up to a stranger who saw how tired I was. He told me that it was his 29th time climbing Masada, and he too was exhausted and in pain. Seeing how someone who had climbed Masada many times before was still struggling gave me the motivation to keep going.

We ended up walking up the rest of the mountain together, and the whole time he shouted encouraging words that helped me up each step. As I reached the top of Masada I was blown away. I got up just in time to see the sunrise and it was one of the most beautiful moments of the week. I wouldn’t have been able to climb up Masada if it weren’t for my friends helping me along the way. It ended up being my favorite part of the week.

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