• Yalla CVK

A whirlwind first weekend..a recap by Skye

“The minute I arrived in the airport, I was so excited and nervous to meet new people and travel around Israel with them for a month. After talking to the kids that we’re on the program and introducing myself to the councilors, l felt relieved and realized how warm and loving they truly were. Then, we drove to שדה בוקר (Sde Boker) where we had a barbecue and continued to bond and get to know each other more. We had people come and show us how to play different percussion instruments and we danced and sang to the israeli songs we all know and love. We then drove to a kibbutz and spent shabbat there which was very meaningful and special to me. On Friday night, we all had shabbat dinner together and dressed up. On Saturday, we played games outside which challenged us and helped us bond even more. There were a few games that involved trusting each other and supporting each other. These games taught us that without support and trust, you can’t have a strong friendship. We also sat with our groups and read different poems and writings about shabbat, Israel, Jewish holidays, etc. We discussed whether or not we agreed with what the author stated and spoke about our view on the topic. This was very helpful to me because not only was I able to learn new things but I was also able to take a break from the fun and activities and challenge my mind. On Monday, we went to מצפה רמון. (Mitzpe Ramon) Here, we learned about Ilan Ramon and his desire to go to space. I found his story very interesting and was finally able to understand who he really was and why he wanted to go to space so bad rather than just hearing “Ilan Ramon was the first israeli astronaut”. We also learned about how מצפה רמון was first created. As someone who is very interested in Science, I thought this was very fascinating. Later on, we took a drive to Eilat and we went snorkeling and saw various and beautiful sea creatures under water. I’ve always wanted to experience this and CVK finally allowed me to do so. That evening, our councilors gave us time to walk around the boardwalk, eat dinner, go shopping, and have fun with our friends. A few friends and I went to a haunted house and had the best time. We were all hugging each other, screaming. Once we got out, we were so happy that it was finally over but we also wanted to go back in again. Overall, I had an amazing first few days and I can’t wait to continue making more amazing memories with my new friends.”

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