Mishelanu Southern California (SO-CAL) is a partnership between Friends of Israel Scouts, the IAC (Israel American Council), Jewish Agency, Hillel foundation and the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles. The mission of Mishelanu SoCal is to create a network of Israeli-Jewish-American students throughout Southern California campuses, through leadership training and community building.


Mishelanu is a one-of-a-kind program is geared towards utilizing the unique identity and Hebrew language skills of Israeli-Jewish-American college students in order to help them succeed in their personal, academic and work life, by providing advanced leadership training combined with networking and community building opportunities.


Students who go away to college are often required to move away from their family and their community, and are no longer surrounded by the Hebrew language, or Israeli culture, or Jewish Holidays with their family or friends. Furthermore, students with an Israeli background sometimes find it difficult to connect with Jewish-Americans, and it is often very difficult to find other Israeli-Americans like themselves on campus.


The MishelanuSoCal program focuses on training students in becoming leaders on their campus and throughout their community, providing networking opportunities and helping students be a part of a meaningful project with other students who share the same identity. Additionally, the most promising, dedicated and leadership oriented students will be chosen to participate in a once-in-a-lifetime internship/leadership training opportunity in Israel at a highly subsidized price.


The MishelanuSoCal program assists students in utilizing their unique identities and their Hebrew language skills to create connections with Jewish organizations and leaders throughout their community and campus, and to explain Israel, its beauty, and its complexity, from the point of view of an Israeli.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Liel Bivas, the MishelanuSoCal project coordinator at Mishelanula@israelscouts.org or (323)717-8466,