Chetz V' Keshet Alumni

Shneur Swedlow

Seattle, WA

CVK 2015

Elior Levy

Great Neck, NY

CVK 2015

Arielle Hadad

New York, NY

CVK 2015

Dylan Damaghi

Great Neck, NY

CVK 2015

Ayla Boyd

Voorhees, NJ

CVK 2016

Marshall Goodman

Phoenixville, PA

CVK 2015

Shawn Prosky

Irvine, CA

CVK 2016

Gabriel Rytov

Alpharetta, GA

CVK 2015

Melanie Tal

Valley Stream, NJ

CVK 2015

Sarah Solovy

Deerfield, IL

CVK 2016

Camryn Weinbaum

Great Neck, NY

CVK 2016

Sara Lewittes

Boca Raton, FL

CVK 2015

Korral Shapira

Woodmere, NY

CVK 2016

Adi Goren

Huntington Beach, CA

CVK 2015

Ronit Boyd

Voorhees, NJ

CVK 1986

Sharing CVK with my new friends has been the experience of a lifetime throughout the past few weeks. Each day is filled with something exciting, and our mefakdim always add to the fun. This trip has been challenging as well, and proves we are capable of amazing things. From rappelling to visiting the Kotel, everything we do on CVK is special and amazing in its own way.

Aliza Bernstein

East Brunswick, New Jersey


CVK has opened my eyes to the history of my homeland. I have learned about the many wars, which have been fought to preserve the lives of those who live here. I spent a week at Gadna where I lived like a true Israeli soldier and like the heroes who risk their lives to protect this great nation of Israel. I am so glad that I have the opportunity to visit Israel and learn more about both whom I am as a person and as Jew.

Raphi Schuster

Bellevue, Washington


We came here with high expectations, which have greatly been fulfilled. As the days go by, the trip gets better and better. This is turning out to be one of the best summers of our lives.

Oren Yousfan & Sydney Spenadel 

Great Neck, New York & Roslyn, New York


This experience was definitely life changing. We not only grew together as a group but also matured as individuals. CVK has opened all of our eyes to the wonderful Jewish homeland of Israel; all while introducing us to a group of people I know we will never forget.

Carly Nevis

Forest Hills, New York


I really liked the exposure to Israelis 24/7, giving CVK a completely different feel than any other program. There was almost always an Israeli rooming with me, so it felt like I was always connected. The free weekends were also really fun because I was able to see what an Israeli house was really like for the first time.

Daniel Maroko

Redondo Beach, California


This unique trip left me with no choice but to walk away as a stronger person with an everlasting passion for Israel and its inhabitants. Most importantly, though, I walked away with the feeling of truly having a home, bonded with people my age who have a similar background as mine, as well as having had the most incredible summer of my life.

Melanie Vladimirschi

São Paulo, Brazil


Going from the heart of Israel in the Holy and old city of Jerusalem, to the stunning Golan Heights, driving down South, to climbing the Masada mountain, back to Tel Aviv makes me feel speechless to how special the tour has been for me.

Tyler Alexander Abt

London, England (UK)


זכיתי להראות ליהודים מרחבי העולם איך זה לחיות במדינה הזו מה המשמעות של הצופים בשבילי ושל להיות נערה במדינה הזו.

I had the honor to show Jewish teens from across the globe, what scouts means to me, what it is like living in this one of a kind homeland and how significant living in Israel is to me.

Yuval Hakalay

Israeli Scout