Meet Idan

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Idan Chemel

Educational Director of Tzofim Tzabar

Idan was born in Kibbutz Maayan Baruch and raised in Gilon (a small village in the north of Israel). She has been an educator for the last 8 years, mostly in Ihud Haklaye youth movement. After high school she volunteered in a gap year (Sh'nat Sherut) in this and later on joined the army with her Garin in the Nahal program.

During her milatery service she was a Gadna commander, where she was in charge of educating and mentoring teenagers from all over Israel and even teens from abroad (like Garin tzabar and CVK). For the last 5 years Idan had worked in Ihud Haklaye. She started as a Merakezet and then moved on to become the dirctor of recruiting for Sh'nat Sherut.

In the past summer Idan has finished an educational course of Masa Le'Polin, in order to become an official Madricha of Masa on behalf of the Youth Movements Council of Israel.

Idan moved to New Jersey with her husband (who is also a Shaliach in MetroWest jewish federation).