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Chetz V'Keshet Dati - Religious Track

General Information

What is Tzofim Chetz V’Keshet Religious Track?


New for Summer 2019, we are excited to offer a religious track of the renowned program, Tzofim Chetz V'Keshet, that is open to teenagers who have completed grades 9-11.


CVK is a month long Israel Summer Program for teens from North America and all over the world. Bringing teens to Israel since 1981, CVK has over 5,000 alumni who have been positively impacted by their experience on the program.


Through CVK’s unrivaled immersion program, for one month chanichim (participants) are absorbed into the culture, heritage, language, and society as they hike, explore, and tour the country alongside Israeli teens. Chanichim strengthen their connection to Israel by seeing the country through the eyes of both their Orthodox Israeli peer participants as well as their Israeli counselors. New friendships are made and memories are formed that will last a lifetime! CVK is the only summer program that offers the unique opportunity to have a Summer in Israel – Israeli Style.





Participants will daven daily as a group and be engaged in stimulating conversation related to Judaism. Chetz V’Keshet Dati seeks to focus on the connection to the land of Israel, the responsibility we have towards one another as a nation and as fellow classmates, and the value we each possess within ourselves.


Connection with the IDF

Tzofim Chetz V’Keshet Dati offers a tailor-made Gadna experience, where teens are supervised by real IDF commanders and undergo a mock basic training experience, with incredible safety and logistics. Our participants constantly rank this interface with the army as one of the main draws to joining CVK Dati.


Israeli Counselors

Each of our counselors is chosen based on their experience and background working with teens. Our counselors have an extensive knowledge and love for Israel and are committed to sharing this with our teens. They all come from Orthodox backgrounds. Our participants see our counselors as role models, which strengthens their connection to Israelis and their country.


Israeli Peers

Chetz V’Keshet Dati is one of the only Israel summer programs that includes Israeli peer participants. A quarter of all CVK Dati participants are observant Israeli teens; they are members of the Israeli Tzofim youth movement and come from Orthodox backgrounds. They are chosen from a highly selective pool for their personality, maturity, leadership skills, and ability to communicate in both English and Hebrew. Year after year, our participants comment that having Israeli peers is one of the highlights of the program


Chessed and Volunteer Work

Unique chessed and volunteer opportunities are around each and every corner with Chetz V'Keshet Dati in Israel! We will be doing many acts of chessed, bringing joy wherever we go. 


College Credits

Participants that have completed 10th and 11th grade with a 3.0 GPA or higher can earn 3 college credits. (Additional requirements and fees)


Laws of Tzniut (Modesty) and Kashrut

Due to the laws of tzniut, boys and girls will conduct separate activities when deemed necessary, such as water activities. All campers are expected to dress modestly. All food will be under strict kosher supervision.


Maturing Experience

A common reflection of our many alumni is a sense of feeling sincere change for the better after the program. Chanichim constantly speak to feeling more self-confident, more mature, and a strong ability to overcome challenges after their CVK experience. The program staff works to help build confidence, while the program structure allows chanichim to engage in new experiences and get to know themselves better.

Dates and Fees

Dates for 2018

Wednesday, June 26 - Wednesday, July 24



Land Cost of Program (without flights): $5,450

Flight price (El Al: JFK - Tel Aviv - JFK): $1,550

Please note that for CVK Dati, the $500 deposit is refundable until March 1, 2019.  


Discount Opportunities:


Early Bird Discount:

   Students who register and pay the $500 deposit by January 4, 2019 will receive $200 off.


Sibling Discount:

   Families who have 2 or more children register for the program in the same year will receive a discount of $225    for each child off the program price.


Refer-A-Friend Discount:

   Participants who refer a registering friend will receive a discount of $100 off the program price, and the friend     will receive a $50 discount.

Scholarship Opportunities

Please visit our Scholarship Opportunities page for more information.


Participants are not obligated to book their flights through Chetz V'Keshet Dati, though they must be at Ben Gurion airport when the chartered flight arrives, to join the group.


We offer direct flights from JFK airport in NYC, through El Al.


Contact us for more information:, or 212-390-8130, ext. 309.


Safety and Security


All elements of the Tzofim Chetz V’Keshet Dati itinerary are approved by the Israeli military service. We are  updated with the security status in Israel multiple times a day and given recommendations by the IDF as to where or where not to travel. We are able to make immediate changes to the itinerary if a situation shoud arise.


Armed Escort

Tzofim Chetz V'Keshet Dati has a security guard on every bus for security, as recommened by Israeli authorities. A medic accompanies each bus during the entire program, including all hikes and trips, and there is a doctor on-call at all times.