Application Available Here


1. Interview: After applying, applicants will be contacted for a Zoom interview.


2. Seminar 1: Will determine participants' qualifications, that they are fluent in Hebrew, are suitable for Shnat Sherut, and will have a positive experience. 


3. Seminar 2: Provide detailed information about the program, prepare participants for their year of service, and the nature of their future community.


3. Job Assignment: Next, each participant will be assigned their positions and locations for their year in Israel.


4. Orientation in Israel: Finally, all participants meet together again for the opening seminar in Israel!


Admission Requirements

High School Graduate

Fluent Hebrew-able to hold conversations in Hebrew

Hadracha Experience (working with children and youth)

Prior visits to or residence in Israel

Willingness to live a group life and cohabitation

Commitment and ability to complete the year-long program