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Meet Anat

Anat Valfer.jpeg

Anat Valfer

Director of Chetz V’keshet Summer Program

Anat is originally from Haifa and served as an education and culture soldier in IDF. Anat has been living in NJ for the past two and a half years with her husband and three children. She joined the Zofim a year ago. 

Anat holds a BA in HR and Communications and a MBA in Organization Development from St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia. 

Anat has 15 years of experience as a group facilitator with both adults and children in the area of ODT and-worked  as a facilitator at “Matmichim”, an organization that specializes in improving social environments at schools and trains teachers and educators. She is promoting this organization in the US as well. 

Anat runs “ chet V’keshet” and lives and breaths social “doing” that combines and connects Jewish teenagers living around the world, to their roots in Israel.

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