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An unforgettable overnight summer camp experience, in Hebrew!  




July 25th- August 6th 2023

The only overnight summer camp that provides an Israeli experience for children in Hebrew!


13 days of adventure designed for children who speak basic Hebrew or more, led by Tzofim and NJY Camps. Registration is open to ALL CHILDREN living in North America who speak basic Hebrew. Dozens of diverse elective activities, cabin and camp-wide activities that deepen campers’ knowledge of Israel and Israeli culture.


Friends of Israel Scouts, Tzofim has partnered with the NJY Camps to proudly present Machane B'Yachad: 13 days of overnight summer camp with a rich and unique fun-filled program in Hebrew. 


Campers will receive three delicious, nutritious, and kosher meals a day full of fruit and vegetables. Gluten-free, vegetarian, or other dietary needs will be met upon request. 24-hour infirmary on-site, staffed with doctors and nurses ready for any occasion. 


* Machane B'Yachad is open for ALL CHILDREN with basic knowledge of Hebrew.

* Machane B'Yachad designed for children entering 4th through 9th grades. 

* An enriching program about Israel and Israeli culture in Hebrew.

* Experienced local and Israeli Hebrew speaking staff work together with Israeli Tzofim seniors.

* Nutritious and healthy Kosher meals (including a gluten free kitchen).

* 24/7 fully staffed medical center including 3 doctors and 9 nurses.

* State-of-the-art facilities with experienced operators.

* Transportation to and from the camp from several locations.   

* Decades of experience in managing camps and working with Israeli and American children.


The program includes dozens of diverse elective activities. On top of that, Machane B’Yachad will have unique Tzofim lead activities for each cabin and for the entire camp – activities that will bond the campers, deepen their knowledge of Israeli culture, and most importantly, are FUN! The diverse program, combined with Hebrew counselors and Hebrew-speaking friends will broaden campers' knowledge and use of Hebrew!


Children entering grades 4 to 6 will be at Camp Nah Jee Wah and children entering grades 7 to 9 will be at the nearby Cedar Lake Camp. Both are part of NJY Camp’s 1,500 acre campground that hosts 1,250 children.  


With 100 years of experience in operating overnight summer camps, the camp's facilities will be operated by the NJY Camps organization. The facilities have two lakes, water slides, state-of-the-art sport fields and equipment, art rooms, pottery, science and much more!


Campers will enjoy healthy and nutritious kosher food with three meals a day and plenty of snacks. 24-hour fully staffed infirmaries are ready for any occasion. If needed, there is an emergency center nearby at Milford, PA.


Tzofim, the largest Israeli youth movement has specialized over the past 30 years in activities for Israelis around the world. Today Tzofim educates thousands of children and youth in 25 Shvatim (chapters) in North America. Machane B'Yachad is a unique program that brings together the special education techniques and know how of Tzofim with a top Jewish-American summer camp. The staff will be made of Tzofim employees and graduates from Israel and the United States.  

For more details contact us at or call (212) 390-8130 ext. 310


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